WRPI LA-V DACIP Internship Program

Public agencies and 501c3 organizations within the Los Angeles-Ventura Integrated Regional Water Management Planning (IRWMP) Area are eligible to participate in a state-funded Community Water Internship. Through the program, students from California State University (CSU) campuses, University of California (UC) campuses and local community colleges (CC) will be available to assist with community engagement and education projects related to water in disadvantaged communities in the Los Angeles-Ventura IRWMP.

The state awarded the Los Angeles County Flood Control District a $9.8 million grant in 2017 to support its Disadvantaged Communities Involvement Program (DACIP) over three years. The DACIP, a requirement of Proposition 1, ensures the involvement of people in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities or economically distressed areas in Integrated Regional Water Management planning.

A key part of the program is Los Angeles-Ventura IRWMP’s partnership with the CSU system to run the Community Water Internship, which CSU Water Resources and Policy Initiatives (WRPI) will administer.

Organizations and projects must meet the criteria listed below to qualify:

  • Applicant is a public agency or 501c3 nonprofit.
  • Agency is located within the Los Angeles-Ventura IRWMP.
  • Project serves people within the Los Angeles-Ventura IRWMP.
  • Project serves people who live in a disadvantaged community, an economically distressed area, or an underrepresented community in the Los Angeles-Ventura IRWMP. For reference, see https://www.water.ca.gov/Programs/Integrated-Regional-Water-Management.
  • Project is related to water resources management.
  • Project involves community engagement and education or public affairs work.
  • Student interns improve engagement with people in disadvantaged communities through this project.
  • Project tasks are appropriate for up to 360 hours of undergraduate/300 hours of graduate work.
  • Project tasks are clearly defined.
  • Project stakeholders from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities are clearly identified.
  • Advisor at the agency is committed to this project.
  • Project is valuable experience for a graduate seeking a career in water management, public affairs, or community engagement and organizing.


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